Cooperation and combining forces are important for the NCEA in order to harmonise topics, renew approaches and exchange knowledge and information at home and abroad.

The key forum to contribute to EIA and SEA harmonisation is the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). We share our experiences and learn and discuss with other members during annual conferences, IAIA sections and special committes.

The NCEA has good working relations with (among others):


EIA / SEA in Africa

Dutch Sustainability Unit

  • CDI (Centre for Development Innovation)
  • CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network)
  • NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership)
  • WRI (World Resources Institute

Training / Education

Other relevant organisations and links

Regional   Initiatives
CCAD Central   American Commission on Environment and Development (in Spanish)
Red de EIA Central   American EIA-centre (in Spanish)
REC Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe   / Environmental Assessment
European   Initiatives
UNECE United   Nations Economic Commission for Europe / Environment Programme (Espoo, Kiev)
EC Environmental Integration in EU development cooperation
Country Initiatives
The Netherlands Dutch   Information Centre for the Environment (INFOMIL)
Australia Australian Government / Environmental Assessment
Canada Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency / Environmental   Assessments (CEAA)
  International Development Agency / Environmental Assessment
Finland Finish Environment Instite (FEI / SYKE)
Hong Kong Environmental Protection Division / Environmental Assessment   and Planning, Hong Kong (EPD)
Sweden Stockholm   Environment Institute, Sweden (SEI)
United Kingdom Institute   of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
Global Initiatives
CAW Country Analytic Work
IIED International   Institute for Environment and Development/Strategies, Planning and Assessment
IISD International   Institute for Sustainable Development
ADB Asian Development Bank / Environment
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /   Environmental Impact Assessments
IaDB Interamerican Development Bank / Environment