24 January 2019

Scoping decision published for SEA Sourou area, Mali

sourou maliThe steering group of the Sourou sustainable development plan has recently adopted its SEA scoping decision and published it on their new website. See for more information on this SEA, NCEA's projectpage

23 January 2019

Visit of President Gehdu of Amhara State

gedu-andargachew-feb-2018Utrecht, January 23th - We were honored with the visit of President Gehdu of Amhara Regional State, together with agricultural attaché Niek Bosmans of the Netherlands embassy in Ethiopia. Environmental concerns, among others, are at the basis of societal unrest and political debate in Ethiopia. How could environmental assessment help avoid unsustainable investments and planning? A fruitful discussion ensued, and may lead to follow up action in Amhara in the coming time.

07 January 2019

Fomi-dam Guinea: transboundary effects

afr-ciwa-niger-river-basin-management-project-to-sSince several years, Guinea plans to develop a large multi-purpose dam in the upper Niger river, the Fomi Dam. Irrigation, electricity and fisheries are some of the objectives. Various possible negative or positive impacts will occur in Mali. The Niger river catchment is managed by the Niger Basin Authority (NBA), consisting of nine member countries. The Guinea government asked the NCEA to advise on the draft scoping report, that provides guidelines for the content of the ESIA study. One of our main recommendations is "to jointly elaborate with the NBA a detailed procedure for the entire ESIA process in which the roles and responsibilities of the involved countries/authorities are clear and agreed upon." Early cooperation, transparency and stakeholder participation prevents conflicts in a later stage. Read the full advice, both available in English and French