11 February 2019

MoU 2019-2022 with ministry of Environment in Niger


20190208_102451Niamey, 4-8 February - With much pleasure the Nigerien ministry of Environment and the NCEA signed a protocol for collaboration for 2019 - 2022. Important themes will be elaboration of legal texts, increasing professional and regional exchange, and training of trainers.

Staff from the environmental agency (BNEE) and the NCEA have already started with various working sessions on environmental legislation. We look forward to work with BNEE and contribute to sustainable development in Niger! 

04 February 2019

SEA trainers in Myanmar

myanmar trainersNaypyidaw, 4-8 February - In Myanmar 12 alumni of the Swedish supported international SEA programme have been trained by the NCEA to become SEA trainers. They are ready and enthusiastic to organise SEA awareness raising activities in their department. The next step for the trainers is to be involved in SEA practice and to share their experience. 

01 February 2019

SEA for Sundarbans - Bangladesh

By wikipediaDhaka, 27-31 January - In Bangladesh an SEA for the South West region including the Sundarbans will start soon. The Sundarbans has a World Heritage Status and is well known as an important habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger. The SEA is recommended by UNESCO. In the build-up to this SEA, the NCEA has trained the staff of the Department of Forestry and Environment. 

01 February 2019

SEA for Manila Bay Sustainable Development Plan-Philippines

By Storm Crypt - Flickr

January - The city of Manila is growing fast, and faces major challenges in environmental management. The Government of the Philippines is developing a Sustainable Development Master Plan for the Manila Bay Area. The NCEA was asked to advise on the possible application of SEA to this master plan. In our opinion, an SEA can add value to the current process. It can help make decision-making more transparent and accountable. And it can ensure that all relevant environmental and social impacts are considered and debated, before decision options are chosen. The advice sets out how SEA can be tailored to the master planning process.