DSU reports


 DSU reports online available:

  • Advice on integrating Gender, Climate Change (incl. Disaster Risk Reduction) and Environment into the Multi-Annual Plan and Activities of the EKN Maputo (October 2013)
  • Advice on integrating gender equality into the MASPs of EKN Kigali (October 2013)
  • An Inventory of existing Risk Profiles on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reductio Desk study and Keysheet (September 2013)
  • Review of the Terms of Reference: "Evaluation of EKN supported interventions in ASAL" Operationalisation of institutional sustainability. - Kenya (December 2012)
  • Assessment of the Report: "Building Community Resilience Through Integrated Water Management" A sustainability assessment. - Bangladesh (September 2012)
  • Contribution to the Final report Support to inclusive and sustainable development in the Zambezi Valley, Mozambique. Formulation of a project to be funded by the Dutch Government to the Zambezi Valley Development Agency and strategic partners. (September 2012)