ESIA / SEA systems approach

Starting point for our systems approach is the idea that if we want to understand ESIA / SEA effectiveness, we need to take into view the whole ESIA / SEA system, rather than looking solely at different components such as

We distinguish three levels in our systems approach:
• the system functions level
• the organisational level
• and the process level. 

March 2017 - Indonesia


  • At the system functions level we look at key functions that should be fulfilled within a system to enable good practice ESIA / SEA.
  • The organisational level is about the capacities of actors that have a role
    in the ESIA / SEA system.
  • At the process level, we look at how individual ESIA / SEA processes are undertaken.

In keeping with the overall NCEA objective to contribute to ‘better ESIA / SEA systems, more ESIA / SEA capacity and better ESIA / SEA processes’, we have identified key results that should be achieved at each level. Each result is subsequently translated into a set of indicators, including the means of verification that allow assessment of the progress on that result. In most cases, the assessment is qualitative, although some indicators are assessed quantitatively. 

ESIA system - versie 2.0