Sustainability advice Programme

img_6560The Dutch government feels responsible for the sustainability of its actions, both within and outside the Netherlands. It has decided that environment and climate issues should be fully mainstreamed in Dutch supported programmes. The Sustainability Advice Programme - in succession to the Dutch Sustainability Unit  - has been established to support both Dutch embassies and the departments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in fulfilling this role by offering flexible and quick access to necessary expertise. Support is provided on demand and free of charge within the limitations of the available budget. 

The Sustainability Advice Programme is hosted by the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA). It consists of a core team within the secretariat of the NCEA and a database of experts. The core team is responsible for staying in touch with embassies and departments, joint identification of the necessary expertise to support mainstreaming, finding the most suitable experts to give this support and safeguarding the quality of this support through monitoring and learning. The database includes experts from all segments of society, including academia, consultancies and government agencies. Experts may be found both within and outside the Netherlands, both in developed and developing countries.