What are the costs?

Focus regions Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In countries and regions eligible for Dutch development cooperation our ESIA / SEA assistance is free of charge to:

  • competent authorities, if independent advice is required;
  • government agencies, NGOs and academia requiring capacity development.

See a list of the regions on the right. 

If you have a request but are in doubt whether it falls within the agreement, please contact us to discuss possible cooperation. 


Other countries/regions

  • As part of short-term contracts with other donors (e.g. Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, World Bank, European Commission, FMO etc.) we also work in other countries. In general these cooperations are initiated by the donor. 
  • In all other cases, support can be given on a non-profit basis.


The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the NCEA is known as the Commissie voor de m.e.r.. In the Netherlands, we are a statutory body with its duties laid down in the Dutch Environmental Management Act. We prepare mandatory and voluntary advisory reports for the government (national, provincial and local) on the scope and quality of environmental assessments (EA).