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OECD DAC publication on SEA. 
Many countries are already making good progress in applying SEA. This publication presents nine interesting case studies of SEA in progress, carried out by countries in cooperation with development organisations. The cases highlight that SEA can:

  • safeguard environmental assets for sustainable poverty reduction and development;
  • build public engagement in decision making;
  • prevent costly mistakes by alerting decision-makers to potentially unsustainable development options at an early stage in the decision-making process;
  • speed up implementation of projects and programmes;
  • facilitate co-operation around shared environmental resources and contribute to conflict prevention.

Manual on Landfill Site Assessment and Selection in Georgia

georgia publication landfill site selection manualIn Georgia, a number of existing landfills will, when assessed according to international standards, have to be closed in the coming years. Subsequently, new locations have to be selected. Other landfills could be optimised at their current location, by taking appropriate measures. This manual describes the steps to be taken in these processes.


From public debate to public dialogue. A guideline on public consultation in SEA and EIA procedures in Romania

romania guideline pp in eia and seaThis Guideline covers a great number of do’s and don'ts regarding public consultation in EIA and SEA procedures, both in theory and in practice. It is targeted at a wide audience of Romanian stakeholders, i.e. national, regionaland local authorities and organisations concerned with effective consultation of the public. Participation of the public, for example by means of public debates, is a key element in EIA and SEA procedures. The information included herein offers ample tools for organizing such public debates, in order to raise the chances of establishing a constructive dialogue between the government and the broader public.