Cases / views and experiences

Views and Experiences 2018

It is with great pleasure that we present the newest edition of our views and experiences series. A compilation of recent cases and experiences, (inter)views and infographics on our work in the Netherlands and abroad. In the 2018 edition we pay attention to energy transition, landscape approach, independent quality control, ESIA mapping, port development and an interview with Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge on the his time as vice-chair with the NCEA.   

Strategic Environmental Assessment for River Basin and Delta Planning 

Since 2005, the NCEA has been involved in the development of several river basin and delta plans. Based upon our experiences in 11 countries this views & experiences  gives some examples of the added value of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in achieving a more sustainable management and use of river basins and deltas.

To a more sustainable hydropower development 

What is the added value of ESIA / SEA in supporting sustainable hydropower development? This, and more information on the role of the NCEA to support  the quality and credibility of the governmental decision-making process are topics covered in our new 'Hydropower' views and experiences. 


Views & Experiences 2015

The NCEA published its new triennial 'Views & Experiences' publication. In this publication, it presents its views and lessons learnt on various themes through its work in the Netherlands and in the international field. The articles cover various topics and their relations to environmental assessment: shale gas, climate change, EIA systems funding, airport planning, nature compensation, wind energy, learning by doing, the PAANEEAC programme, and spatial planning. The publication can be accessed via this link, or a hardcopy can be requested via helpdesk

Views and Experiences 2012.

This publication of the NCEA series contains 8 articles on our experiences with environmental assessment in the Netherlands and in the context of international cooperation. To name a few: 25 five years of EA in the Netherlands; SEA for Water Plans; Lessons learnt on capacity development for environmental assessment;  and public participation in EIAs and SEAs.